3rd Regional Training Course on End-to-End Multi Hazards Early Warning Systems

Event Organisers: 

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center


Internationally experienced practitioners and experts from ADPC and other partner organizations will conduct and facilitate the EWS course.

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03/03/2014 to 07/03/2014

Registration Deadline: 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

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The course offers to build the capacity of professionals to design, manage, evaluate and undertake improvements in people centred end-to-end early warning systems for hydro-meteorological & geological hazards and extreme events associated with climate change and variability. It builds upon ADPC’s two decades of experience in disaster management, facilitating regional cooperation and building capacities of disaster management institutions at all government levels, disaster management practitioners and communities. It extends to a decade of experience in institutionalizing weather and climate information applications for disaster mitigation and recently, in the implementation of Indian Ocean and South East Asia end-to-end early warning system for tsunami and hydro-meteorological hazards.

The main course objective is to enhance the capacity of participating professionals and institutions, to effectively develop skills in process design of multi-hazard end-to-end early warning systems, and mitigate the effects of events related to hydro-meteorological and geological phenomena.

The course includes theoretical and practical sessions. An interdisciplinary team of experienced practitioners and experts provide a balanced teaching approach and methodologies to the sessions with theory, practical exercises, interactive and participative lectures, group discussions, presentation, classroom exercises, work sheets, case studies and sectoral examples, individual/group assignment and presentations, application of tools, site visit and instructional games. There is an attendance requirement in this course. Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants on successful completion of the training program.

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to End-to-End Early Warning System

Module 2: Hazard Detection, Monitoring, Forecasting and Information for Warning (HDMFW)

Module 3: Application of Risk Assessment and Risk Communication for Early Warning

Module 4: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Early Warning System

Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation of EWS

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