Databases and compilations of geospatial data

Earth Observation data and data products provide crucial information for disaster risk management and emergency response. Many datasets are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the web. Others are available as free web-services. The UN-SPIDER team has compiled relevant data sources for you. You can search for space-based information for different hazard types at the UN-SPIDER database on data-sources. Below you will find complementary databases and compilations of geospatial data.


Center for International Earth Science Information (CIESIN)

CEOS Eath Observation Database (ESA)

DesInventar (UNISDR, UNDP)

Disaster Risk Reduction Data Preparation Portal (FIU GIS-RS Center)

Environmental Data Explorer (UNEP)

Free GIS data (Robin Wilson, University of Southampton)

GEO Discovery and Access Broker (EuroGEOSS)

GEO Portal (GEO)

GIOVANNI - Interactive Online Visualization and Analysis (NASA)

GIS Data Repositories (Karen Payne, University of Georgia)

GIST Portal (University of Georgia, USAID)

Global Risk Update (GAR 2013 - UNISDR)

Global Change Master Directory - Hazards Management (NASA)

Global Climatology Datasets (GEWEX)

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS - UN and EC)

Global Risk Data Platform (UNEP, UNISDR)

Hazard Data Distribution Platform (HDDS - USGS)

International Climate Data Archive (NOAA)

IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library (IRI)

OSCAR Satellite Repositories (WMO)


Satellite Information Database (GDSC)

TerraViva! GeoServer (IScience)

Virtual Terrain Project

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