Aerosol Profile (WDC-RSAT - DLR)

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Data provided by:World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere (WDC-RSAT)
Data accessibility:export data, export map, statistical data (e.g. graphs), visualization of data (e.g. web GIS or real time monitoring)
Link to the data:
File type:asc, hdf, jpeg, shp, xls
Data type:n/a
Hazard:Pollution, Volcanic Eruption
Disaster cycle phase:Disaster Risk Management, Response, Recovery
Space-based information:AATSR
Space-based information:ACE
Space-based information:AIRS
Space-based information:AMSR
Space-based information:AMSU
Space-based information:ATMOS
Space-based information:ATOVS/TOVS
Space-based information:AVHRR
Space-based information:AVHRR3
Space-based information:CALIPSO
Space-based information:CRISTA
Space-based information:GOME
Space-based information:GOME-2
Space-based information:GOMOS
Space-based information:HALOE
Space-based information:HIRDLS
Space-based information:IASI
Space-based information:MAS
Space-based information:MERIS
Space-based information:MHS
Space-based information:MIPAS
Space-based information:MISR
Space-based information:MLS
Space-based information:MODIS
Space-based information:MOPITT
Space-based information:OMI
Space-based information:OSIRIS
Space-based information:POAM
Space-based information:SABER
Space-based information:SAGE
Space-based information:SBUV
Space-based information:SCIAMACHY
Space-based information:SEVIRI
Space-based information:TES
Space-based information:TMI
Space-based information:TOMS
Space-based information:VIRS
Space-based information:WINDII
Satellites and Sensors:n/a
Spatial coverage:Global
Spatial resolution:250.00
Temporal coverage:Archive, Forecasted, Near-real time
Content dates:1991-2014
Technical Specifications:Missions and Sensors Specifications
Tutorials on the use of data:n/a
Restrictions/ Citation of the dataset:

Conditions of Data Usage

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