10th Inter-regional Course on Public Health in Emergency Management in Asia and the Pacific (PHEMAP)


14/06/2010 to 26/06/2010


Location: Bangkok, THAILAND
Date: 14-26 June, 2010 

The PHEMAP course, initiated in 2002 has been successfully conducted by ADPC for the past seven (7) years. It is specifically designed for people who play critical health emergency management and coordination roles in managing the health risks in emergencies. The inter-regional PHEMAP course familiarizes health emergency managers with policy-making, risk management, emergency response and recovery planning, international standards and regional cooperation. Through the course, participants develop their own management and leadership capacities to the improvement of emergency health services that include environmental health, mass casualty management, feeding and nutrition, emergency medical systems, psychosocial support and communicable disease control and develop plans for strengthening health emergency management capacity in their respective country settings, and their own personal development plans as Health Emergency Managers.

The PHEMAP program objectives are:
1. To enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of health human resources at national, subnational and community levels by offering a range of training courses and capacity building activities.
2. To promote and facilitate regional collaboration and national coordination in health emergency management through the development and implementation of formal and informal networks and other activities.
3. To contribute to capacity building in other regions and countries by offering PHEMAP initiatives.

For more information please visit: http://www.adpc.net/v2007/Programs/PHE/Default.asp

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