NIDM - UNOOSA Workshop - Use of Space Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction

Basic Information
11/01/2010 - 13/01/2010

NIDM - UNOOSA Workshop
Use of Space Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction
January 11-13, 2010, NIDM, New Delhi, India

Aim of this programme is to sensitize the faculty members of state ATIs/ SIRDs
and other stakeholders involved in capacity building activities at national and state level for use
of space technologies in disaster risk reduction activities. The workshop also aims at defining
long-term needs of capacity building to ensure that use of BSI is promoted at all levels.

1. To sensitize faculty members and others stakeholders to use space based information and
geo-informatics technology for disaster risk reduction
2. To enable the participants to understand the institutional mechanism for Geo-information
data and policy framework on spatial data management with particular reference to disaster
risk management
3. To draw a road map for consistent exposure of disaster managers to space technologies and
its applications in disaster management


For further information:

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