Regional Support Offices: IGAC conducts desertification analyses

The Colombian Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute - IGAC and their Center of Research and Development of Geographic Information – CIAF, recently did a series of projects based on risk management. One of those was focused on indentifying zones in the process of decertification using optical remote sensing in the Andean dry region of Villa de Leyva (Boyacá), Colombia.

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Thu, 26/07/2012 - 16:02


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Small But Agile Proba-1 Reaches 10 Years in Orbit

A good photographer needs agility. So it is with ESA microsatellite Proba-1, which turns in space to capture terrestrial targets. Celebrating its tenth birthday this week, Proba-1's unique images are used by hundreds of scientific teams worldwide.

Publishing Date: 

Tue, 25/10/2011 - 10:53


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