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Humanitarian Aid

Needs for climate information under the UNFCCC

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• Reflections on the 4 C-challenge in the UNFCCC context
• Update on current negotiations
• Needs for climate information under UNFCCC

PLATON - Trusted Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) in Health projects.

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The presentation suggests working model using the solution tool box to support agile, highly flexible UN disaster projects.

ESA New Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme

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Introduction to ARTES (Advanced Research on Telecommunication Satellite Systems Programme)
• Telecom & Integrated Applications (IAP)
• IAP Support to Disaster Management

The Earth Observation and GIS communities fighting the climate crisis

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The Planet Action Initiative: supporting projects addressing climate change issues and related disaster risk reduction and management.

State-of-the-Art Technology in support of Disaster Management

Policy perspectives for the use of satellite applications in Africa

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Presentation Overview
1.Background and Aim of the ESPI Study
2.Study Methodology
3.Roundtable and Workshops
4.International and European Goals and Strategies
5.Mapping of Activities and Actors

Research Project e-Triage, IT-Supported Management of Mass Casualty Incidents

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Research Project e-Triage: IT-Supported Management of Mass Casualty Incidents.

e-Triage is a self-contained concept for electronic MCI management:
- Data collection
- Data management