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Swiss Re: Insured disaster losses in first half of 2014 relatively low

Insured and uninsured catastrophe-related losses in USD billion

In a recent press release, the re-insurance company Swiss Re announced that global disaster-related insurance losses were relatively low in the first half (H1) of 2014 as per preliminary estimates. They amounted to USD 21 billion. Of these, losses related to disasters triggered by natural hazards are estimated at USD 19 billion for H1 2014.


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Wed, 03/09/2014 - 08:50
Wed, 09/03/2014

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Global insured losses from disasters were USD 45 billion in 2013

The study looks at global insured and un-insured losses from disasters

According to a recent study published by the re-insurance company Swiss Re, the total economic losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters were USD 140 billion in 2013. Of these, the global losses that were insured amounted to USD 45 billion. Most of these losses were caused by disasters triggered by natural hazards, such as floods and hail events.


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Mon, 31/03/2014 - 13:47
Mon, 03/31/2014

Costs of Disasters: Swiss Re estimates an annual Loss of 130 Billion USD

Swiss Re estimates losses from disasters to amount to 130 billion USD in 2013.

The reinsurance company Swiss Re estimates the loss created by disasters worldwide in 2013 to amount to 130 billion USD. Their preliminary sigma estimates that insured global losses from catastrophes triggered by natural hazards and man-made disasters totalled USD 44 billion, with flooding a major driver. Around 25,000 lives were lost as a result of disasters in 2013, natural as well as man-made.


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Wed, 25/12/2013 - 08:00
Wed, 12/25/2013

Disaster Risk in Cities: Swiss Re publishes Report

"Mind the Risk" ranks cities threatened by disasters

"Mind the Risk: A global ranking of cities under threat from natural disasters" is the title of a recent report published by the reinsurance company Swiss Re. Looking at both human and economic risks faced by urban communities, the study puts Asia's megacities (Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong-Guangzhou) on the top of the list for population-at-risk while European and US cities (Amsterdam-Rotterdam, Los Angeles, New York) lead the ranking for the highest loss potential.


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Thu, 19/09/2013 - 10:44
Thu, 09/19/2013
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