Emergency Support

UN-SPIDER aims to facilitate fast and efficient access to space-based information for countries, international and regional organizations. This includes all types of information provided by earth observation satellites, communication satellites and global navigation satellite systems. Therefore, UN-SPIDER compiles links and information on all relevant satellite-based sources for selected major disasters.

Disasters covered by the Emergency Support

Disaster Region Date
Flood Mozambique 09/03/2010
Earthquake Eastern Turkey 08/03/2010
Mass Movement Uganda 03/03/2010
Earthquake Chile 27/02/2010
Flood Ukraine 25/02/2010
Severe Storm Tonga 15/02/2010
Severe Storm Cook Islands 11/02/2010
Flood Gaza 21/01/2010
Earthquake Haiti 12/01/2010
Earthquake Solomon Islands 04/01/2010
Severe Storm Fiji 14/12/2009
Flood El Salvador 09/11/2009
Severe Storm Philippines 10/09/2009
Flood Namibia 27/02/2009