UN/Austria Symposium on Space Science and the United Nations

UNOOSA, United Nations Programme on Space Applications, United Nations General Assembly.

Government of Austria, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), European Space Agency (ESA).

Mon, Sep 22 - Wed, Sep 24 2014

The Symposium will discuss the future role of space science under the framework of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications and compile a preliminary list of possible actions and activities that could be conducted under the leadership of the United Nations or in cooperation with other relevant entities.

The potential role of international cooperation and capacity building will be a central topic, within the identification of beneficiaries, stakeholders and potential cooperation partners in the proposed activities, what level of resources would be required and how could these resources be obtained.

Participants will discuss forthcoming and planned space science-related activities in the World and will look for existent and relevant frameworks or initiatives that must be considered to avoid the duplication of efforts or to identify potential synergies for cooperation and they will decide if priority needs to be given to the consideration of particular space science disciplines and/or topics, and if so, which ones.

The observations and recommendations coming up from the Symposium will be published as an official United Nations General Assembly document of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which will be the basis for further considerations on the role of space science-related activities in the United Nation Programme on Space Applications.

The Symposium programme will be organized into several technical sessions, with ample time for moderated group discussions on the potential role and contributions of the United Nations in supporting space science capacity building and international cooperation, in particular also considering space science activities in the developing countries.

Space research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences