World Economic Forum publishes Global Risks Report 2014

The World Economic Forum released its Global Risks 2014 Report. The publication highlights the global risks that are interconnected and would have a systematic global impact. 

The objectives of the Report are mainly to explore the nature of systemic risks, to map the risks according to the level of concern they arouse, their likelihood and potential impact and the level of interconnection, and to describe exactly the ways that risks can impact the international system. The study concentrates on the the evolution and interdependence of risks as basics for better global risks management. The goal is to ultimately enable decision makers to effecively mitigate the impacts of risks, which wihtout the right assessment might cause devastation on many levels – human, social, economic and political.

Climate change features among the five most likely and most impactful risks. Among other environmental risks, extreme weather events are considered the second most likely, and water crises also appear on the list. These kinds of risks have become more prominent since 2011 and the report suggests the great need for better public information about the consequences.

The Global Risks 2014 report hopes to offer a starting point for international discussion.