March 2011



  • SpaceAid resource pages set up to help improve information and data-flow related to the Japan earthquake disaster and for floods in Namibia
  • SPIDER Thematic Partnership LAC: Using the 3D-UDOP geo-viewer to enhance situational awareness concerning seismic risk in Guatemala
  • SPIDER Thematic Partnership LAC: Second Session of the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction of the Americas
  • Training for use of Disaster Management Tool at German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • ENHANS Pretoria workshop recommendations
  • Closer collaboration with Arab countries: UN-SPIDER gives training course in Riyadh and attends meetings in Jeddah
  • Second NIDM/UN-SPIDER workshop in New Delhi
  • Establishment of a UNGIWG Task Group on Geospatial Information for Humanitarian and Emergency Response


Community News

  • SUPARCO: Workshop on “Developing Capacity for Resilience to Water-related Disasters in Pakistan through Space Applications and Flood Risk Management”
  • Pakistan: Upgrading the National Monsoon Contingency Plan together with the UN
  • Sentinel Asia contributed to response to earthquakes in Japan and Myanmar and to floods in Thailand
  • International Charter activated for earthquake in Japan
  • Call for papers at the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Space Technologies (ICAST)
  • Disaster Management – Special issue of Earthzine
  • International ICT - disaster response agreement
  • Information technology opens new routes for emergency disaster relief – UN report
  • Satellite system could provide earlier earthquake warnings
  • Satellite applications: E-health


Conferences and Workshops supported by UN-SPIDER

  • Gi4DM 2011 – GeoInformation for Disaster Management; Antalya, Turkey, 3-8 May 2011
  • Space for Civil Protection Workshop, Vienna, 5-6 May 2011
  • Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, 8-13 May 2011
  • GISCA 2011. Geoinformatics: Managing Environment, Resources and Risk, Almaty, 19-20 May 2011


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