Eighth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment

Images from RSCy2020

The Organizing Committee of the RSCy2020

ESA, NASA, Copernicus, DLR German AUrospace Center, Group on Earth Observations, Department of Electronic Communications of the Ministry of Communications and Works, TEchnical Chamber of Cyprus, Cyprus Department of Meteorology, Agricultural Research Institute

Mon, 16 Mar - Wed, 18 Mar 2020

The Keynote Speakers and thought-provoking technical program will encourage the exchange of ideas and provide the foundation for future collaboration and innovation. The Technical Program is open to all topics in Earth Obersvation, Remote Sensing, Geo-information of Environment and related techniques and applications.

The RSCY2020 scientific program will accommodate sessions and workshops on a wide range of themes, including:

  • Earth Observation research projects, applications and emerging technologies
  • Environment & climate (atmosphere, agriculture, water, land)
  • Resilient society (disasters risk reduction, cultural heritage, marine safety and security, energy)
  • Big Earth data analytics (information extraction, visual exploration and visualisation, crowd-sourcing and data fusion, geo-informatics)
  • Remote Sensing Applications, Geo-information, Geophysics Environmental Monitoring and Protection, Risk Assessment Land use and land cover, land-cover changes degradation and desertification
  • Natural and man-made disasters, Natural Hazards Forestry and forest fires, burned areas Climate changes, Meteorology, Atmospheric chemistry, Air pollution 3D Remote Sensing, Radar, Lidar, Thermal Remote Sensing
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