Cate, CCI Toolbox (ESA)

Description:The CCI toolbox is a software for handling and visualizing all ESA Climate Change Initiative data on an interactive 3D globe. The software is a single access point for climate variables such as greenhouse-gas concentrations, ocean temperatures, cloud cover, sea-level variability, sea ice change, and some land based variables; this data covering the last 40 years can benefit any climate-based research at professional and degree levels. It includes a Command Line interface, a Graphical user interface, and Python API.
Software type:Tool/Converter
Accessibility:Install only

No requirements

Computer System:Windows, MacOSX, Linux
Scope:Image processing, Modelling, Visualisation
Vector/Raster:Vector, Raster
Optical data or radar data format:Optical, Radar
Graphical user interface:Yes