UN‐SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission (TAM)

After the TAM was conducted in Myanmar, innovative impacts were completed following a recommendation. “Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)”, which is comprised of four units including “Remote Sensing Unit” and “Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Unit” was established in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief & Resettlement (MSWRR). The capacity building of MSWRR and other related institutes in remote sensing and GIS were strengthened. The Disaster Management Training Centre now conducts courses in remote sensing/GIS. Myanmar has also become the first country in ASEAN to apply for universal access to the International Charter. Myanmar government is aware of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and one map policy that has been initiated by the Ministry of Education is very crucial.

A TAM is conducted to identify the needs of a Member State regarding its capacity to fully take advantage of the space-based information. As an inter-institutional fact-finding mission, it is officially requested by the respective national government and is carried out by a team of experts that UN-SPIDER gathers.

Typically, TAMs are one-week long missions. It can be a series of meetings, a workshop or a training session, depending on the needs and scope of the request. The expert team meets with key disaster management and development authorities in the Government, United Nations organizations, regional and international organizations/initiatives, and private entrepreneurs; to discuss the use of space-based information for risk and disaster management in depth and to subsequently make recommendations on improvements.

The team makes recommendations and develops guidelines to improve the use of space-based information in the country. TAMs are often followed up by capacity building activities.

Raising awareness, building capabilities, improving information and data management practices, updating policies and coordination, and promoting international cooperation, are the main impacts in the TAM countries. So far, UN-SPIDER has conducted Technical Advisory Support missions in 35 countries and supported more than 55 countries. 

Report of the Technical Advisory Mission to Myanmar. (2012)

Reports on UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission follow up activities in Myanmar. (2012, 2016, 2017)


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