Agreement between British Geological Survey and Bluesky

The British Geological Survey (BGS) and Bluesky mapping company have reached an agreement so that a set of BGS's map layers will be available for purchase on Bluesky’s website. These geological and geohazard maps will include eight layers with high resolution aerial images, detailed elevation models and Ordnance Survey mapping. The Geological map layers from BGS comprise both the 1:10,000 scale and 1:50,000 scale DigMapGB digital geological maps of Great Britain.

These new tools will facilitate natural disaster forecast, prevention, and management and can help decision makers on six topics, which are collapsible deposits, compressible ground, landslides, running sands, shrink-swell and soluble rocks. Therefore they are especially relevant for flood and landslide monitoring.

According to Rachel Tidmarsh, Bluesky’s Managing Director: “These datasets complement data already on offer, including height models, a recently launched flood risk map and our range of free data which includes other data from BGS as well as English Heritage, Natural England and the Environment Agency.”