3rd European Conference on Flood Risk Management


HR Wallingford, irstea

Sun, Oct 16 - Fri, Oct 21 2016

Floods cause distress and damage wherever they happen and flooding from rivers, estuaries and the sea threatens many millions of people in Europe. Insurance losses from flooding have increased significantly since 1990 and flood management in Europe is changing with a move from flood protection and defence to comprehensive flood risk management.

FLOODrisk 2016 will explore research advances in flood risk analysis and innovations in flood risk management practice. The conference will consider all aspects of flood risk and will cover the causes of floods, their impacts on people, property and the environment, and portfolios of risk management measures. FLOODrisk 2016 is also supported by the Flood Risk Management Research Consortium.


Theme 1 Characterising the flood hazard

• Probability from all sources
• Climate change
• Multi-hazard
• Data, analysis and modelling

Theme 2 Characterising the consequences

• Physical, environmental, financial and economic damage
• Loss-of-life estimation and modelling
• Critical infrastructure and cascading impacts

Theme 3 Characterising the flood risk

• Vulnerability and societal resilience
• Risk perception and communication
• Uncertainty assessment
• Risk evaluation and assessment
• Hazard and risk mapping

Theme 4 Risk management and reduction

• Long-term protection and prevention measures
• Non-structural measures and instruments
• Management and maintenance of infrastructure
• Public education and engagement
• Lessons from past events

Theme 5 Flood event management

• Civil contingency planning
• Forecasting and warning
• Evacuation and emergency management
• Post-event recovery
• Disaster risk reduction

Theme 6 Decision making, policy and governance

• Policy appraisal, investment planning and decision making tools
• Adaptation to long term change
• Residual risk and insurance
• EU Floods Directive and international basins
• Ethics, equity and social responsibility

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