Franco-Haitian convention on satellite-based environmental monitoring signed

On 17 November 2014, the Convention on Satellite-based Environmental Monitoring in Haiti (SEAS-Haiti) was signed by representatives of France and of Haiti.At the agreement's core is the implementation of a technological platform for sustainable environmental management in Haiti and the Caribbean, using satellite imagery for research, training, innovation and sustainable development.Part of the agreement is the establishment of a Remote Sensing Center on the Henri Christophe of Limonade campus of the State Universiy of Haiti (UEH), which will collect data from various satellites in order to assist a wide range of activities, such as monitoring deforestation, weather forecasting, creating epidemiological real-time maps and vulnerability mapping. The data collected will be accessible freely for researchers and public institutions. Specific training activities as well as regional research programmes will be offered to Haitian researchers.According to Jean Marie Theodates, President of the Provisional Board of Management of the Henri Christophe of Limonade campus: "This giant step will provide Haiti with scientific and technological mapping techniques."SEAS-Haiti was formally signed in the presence of Haitian government officials, French diplomates, Haitian and French academics, the rector of UEH, Jean Vernet Henry and the president of the Research for Development Institute (IRD), Michel Laurent.