Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP)

Description:A common architecture for all Sentinel Toolboxes is being jointly developed by Brockmann Consult, Array Systems Computing and C-S called the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP).
The SNAP architecture is ideal for Earth Observation processing and analysis due the following technological innovations: Extensibility, Portability, Modular Rich Client Platform, Generic EO Data Abstraction, Tiled Memory Management, and a Graph Processing Framework.
Software type:Procesamiento de imágenes con computador de escritorio
Accessibility:Solo instalación

Name and email only required for downloading the beta version

Computer System:Windows, MacOSX, Linux
Scope:Procesamiento de imágenes, Modelización, Visualización
Vector/Raster:Vector, Raster
Optical data or radar data format:Óptico, Radar
Graphical user interface: