Interregional Space Monitoring Center opened in Perm

Perm State University (PSU) will soon start handling Earth observation images in near real-time mode. Cutting-edge technology is to be applied both in science and education and for socio-economic development of Perm Territory. New possibilities and perspectives of introduction of such technology were discussed on February 14 by representatives of PSU, local administration and science-intensive business at the ceremony of opening the Interregional Space Monitoring Center of Term Territory (SMC).

Software reception complexes – Alice-SC and UniScan, developed at ScanEx RDC, are the backbones of this Interregional SMC operation. Receiving stations nowadays are capable of collecting data from Terra, Aqua, SPOT 4 and NOAA satellites. There are plans to upgrade firmware complexes to enable direct reception of all-weather radar data and highly detailed images from EROS A/B and other optical satellites.

Source: ScanEx

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