GAF to Establish a Multi-Layer Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Map for Darfur

GAF has been awarded a contract by the Darfur Land Commission (DLC) to set up a Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Map for the whole of Darfur. The overall objective of this project is the establishment of a multi-layered and dynamic state-of-the-art natural resources information system that provides basic land management and planning information and thereby will enable decision makers to develop and manage Darfur’s natural resources in a sustainable way.

This database will help decision makers and planners to establish plans for agricultural development and other land livelihood initiatives and to select the potentially most productive areas for investment and development projects. With a comprehensive capacity building component, the project will also enable the key rural and urban development and planning institutions to perform their tasks efficiently.


Published by: EARSC on March 23, 2011

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