UNNATI ( UNISPACE NANO SATELLITE ASSEMBLY & TRAINING BY ISRO ) India's contribution to Unispace+50 initiatives


The programme aims at capacity building in satellite technology for participants from countries interested in developing space programme by providing hands-on experience in building and testing of nano satellites. The primary objectives of the programme are:

-To offer a simplified and increased exposure to satellite fabrication technologies, as part of the UNISPACE initiative-To provide theoretical course on satellite technology

-To provide intensive course on nano satellite realisation, covering mission aspects, design, fabrication, assembly, integration & testing

-To provide hands-on training to assemble, integrate and test a low cost, modular nano satellite

The course structure of the programme is as follows:

Module 1: Basics of satellite technology and its applications

Module 2: Nano satellite missions

Module 3: Hands-on training on nano satellite assembly, integration and testing


15/02/2019 to 15/03/2019

Registration Deadline: 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Target Audience: 

The course is aimed at Engineering/ Science graduates or Post graduates who have an aptitude to learn space technology, design of circuits for various space systems and management of space systems. Each participating country shall nominate a team of 2 members consisting of one Mechanical Engineer and one Electrical / Electronics Engineer.

Event Organisers: 

U R Rao Satellite Centre ( Formerly known as ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC)


URSC, ISRO at Bengaluru, India

Venue City: 


Venue Country: 

Language of event: 


Training type: 

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