United Nations/Turkey/European Space Agency Workshop on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits


14/09/2010 to 17/09/2010


United Nations/Turkey/European Space Agency

Workshop on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits

Hosted by 

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) 
Istanbul, Turkey
14-17 September 2010



The last three decades of the 20th century has witnessed space technology finding increasing application and relevance in daily life, to the point where, nowadays, space applications are an indispensible part of the modern information society. Space-based systems deliver information and services that protect lives and the environment, enhance prosperity and security, and stimulate industrial and economic development.

Education, Capacity building and space and society initiatives will be pursued to ensure that Turkey develops the requisite human capital to support national space activities, including the development of space application products and services. The policy also promotes enhanced space awareness at all levels of society as a means to build public understanding of the societal benefits of space technology.

It is also necessary to create favourable public perceptions guided towards supporting and raising funds for the sustainable space programs, to create awareness of space activities and its benefits to society, to ensure the incorporation of the space related developments into even ordinary people’s daily lives.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The Workshop will contribute to international cooperation by providing opportunity to exchange updated information on Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits.

The specific objectives and expected outcomes of this workshop are to:

  • address principles for national, regional, and international cooperation in space technology development and its applications;
  • explore socio-economic benefits of using satellite remote sensing (including InSAR), satellite communications and GNSS;
  • strengthen regional awareness, information and data exchange networks on the use of space technology;
  • discuss the means, mediums and tools to create awareness among public, to outreach public, to promote and to attract public support about space programs, space activities and space technologies;
  • initiate pilot projects for joint work at the regional and international level;
  • develop ideas on space technology and infrastructure for research application, education, industry, space-based and ground-based space facilities and the establishment of space culture within the society.


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