International Congress on Disaster and Land Management in the Americas, Peru, 8-9 November 2010


08/11/2010 to 09/11/2010


The International Congress will be held in Lima, Peru, on November 8-9, 2010, prior to the 42nd Meeting of the
Directing Council of PAIGH. It is aimed at bringing together specialists, scientists and/or professionals on Mapping,
Geophysics, Geography, History and related disciplines, policy makers, public and private officials, to share
knowledge, experience and/or know how in forecasting, prevention, mitigation and disaster relief prompted by natural
or induced causes. It also seeks calling organizations and national institutions to encouraging international support for
reducing potential disasters. The International Congress hopes to contribute to an anticipation/prevention culture, and
to better disaster relief, by expanding knowledge on historical disasters, natural or induced hazards, vulnerabilities, and
territorial ordering best practices. It also hopes to contribute towards constructing an American Society that is resilient
to disasters. Official presentation languages are Spanish and English. General topics include: American Territorial
Occupation Processes, Territorial Ordering (Land Use/Spatial Planning) and Development, Climate Change and
Adaptability, and Welfare and Disaster Relief.

International Congress on Disaster and Land Management in the Americas
Date: 8-9 November 2010
Location: Lima, Peru
Venue: Círculo Militar del Perú – Av Salaverry 1650 – Jesús María

For more information and registration go to: IPGH


Directing Council of PAIGH

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