High Impact Weather - Event Week 2014 (EUMeTrain)

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08/09/2014 to 12/09/2014

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Monday, September 8, 2014

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High Impact Weather


Experts from European, American and Near-East National Weather Services will provide an insight into the challenges of forecasting critical weather events such as storms, avalanches and floods. What uncertainties do forecasters encounter when dealing with high impact weather? How can they warn people and how long is the lead time?

To obtain a better predictability of high impact weather, it is important to understand the physical/meteorological processes causing them. This event week offers online presentations from meteorologists involved in the prediction of extreme weather situations.

The following eight online presentations will be offered:

  • 8 September, 12 UTC – Climatology of High Impact Weather – by Ivan Guettler, DHMZ 9 September, 8 UTC – Cyclones in the UK, by Ian Mills, UKMO
  • 9 September, 12 UTC – High Waves, by Jean Bidlot, ECMWF 10 September, 8 UTC – GEO – Typhoons, by Christopher Perez
  • 10 September, 12 UTC – Avalanches, by Gernot Zenkl, ZAMG 11 September, 8 UTC – Dust Storms, by Hamidou Hama, EAMAC
  • 11 September, 12 UTC -Winter in USA, by Gregory Carbin, NOAA
  • 12 September, 8 UTC – Floods in SE Europe, by Natasa Strelec-Mahovic, DHMZ

Participation in the event is free of charge, but registration to attend the sessions should be done in advance at www.eumetrain.org/events/hiw_2014_register.html

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