European Hyperspectral Seminar

Event Organisers: 

Exelis Visual Information Solutions

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Exelis Visual Information Solutions


12/05/2014 to 14/05/2014

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European Hyperspectral Seminar is a 2.5 day seminar designed for engineers, scientists, and other remote sensing professionals who wish to become familiar with hyperspectral remote sensing technology.  You'll learn the basic physics of spectroscopy, the types of spectral sensors currently used by government and industry, and the types of data processing used for various applications. Case studies of applications will be used throughout the seminar.  You'll gain hands-on experience in several techniques for hyperspectral analysis and benefit from concise presentations on the current and future state of the art.  In this spirit we'll invite several experts from various segments of hyperspectral domain as guest speakers.  After taking this seminar, you will be able to communicate and work productively with other professionals in this field.

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