Regional Workshop East Africa on remote sensing for agriculture and forestry management

Event Organisers: 

Africa Platform for Knowledge and Data Sharing on Earth Observation


Venue City: 



03/02/2014 to 14/02/2014

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VITO provides training on the SPIRITS software to participants of the regional workshop East-Africa on remote sensing for agriculture and forestry management that is organized by the RCMRD and other partners in the AGRICAB project. 


The workshop targets at enhancing capacity of countries in the region to use remote sensing for agriculture and forest management. The workshop is built around the use cases devleoped in the AGRICAB project. Participants are required to have background knowledge on thematic applications of remote sensing for crop, livestock and forest or forest fire monitoring. Experience in GIS or Remote Sensing (notably image processing) and an interest in the GEONETCast low cost data sharing technology is considered an advantage.

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