EU-FP7 Alert4All Project Final Demonstration

Event Organisers: 

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Venue City: 



German Aerospace Center Oberpfaffenhofen



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The Alert4All project, in short A4A, stands to significantly improve the effectiveness of alert communications systems in the EU, enhancing operations, enabling cooperation and fostering best practices. It will help authorities to alert citizens in crisis situations and significantly raise the number of citizens at risk reached by alert messages. This harmonised European system could play an inestimable role in limiting the negative consequences of a disaster.

The A4A project is at the last mile of a public alert system proof-of-concept implementation and will conclude in October 15 2013 with the demonstration of its most remarkable features in an operational context. In cooperation with Euralarm-PEARS, the integration of A4A with building safety systems will be also demonstrated. For participants interested in the technical achievements of the project, a guided tour through the A4A system features will be offered. A panel discussion on the future of public alert with selected speakers will close the project demonstration programme, followed by a cocktail reception.

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