Workflows to Manage and Share Imagery in ArcGIS

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ESRI - GIS and Mapping software

Presented by Colin Childs



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Seminar Overview

With a mosaic dataset, you can store, manage, view, and query raster and image data. Mosaic datasets have advanced raster querying capabilities and processing functions, and they can be used as a source for serving image services. Additionally, mosaic datasets reduce processing time and help you maintain information for overlapping imagery. In this seminar, you will learn best practices for designing mosaic datasets, sharing imagery, and methods for automating image management workflows.

Key Points

After viewing this seminar, you will understand how to:

  • Create and configure mosaic datasets.
  • Create tile cache imagery for the web.
  • Share imagery within your organization or with a larger community using image services.
  • Automate image management workflows with free scripts and tools.
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