Integrating User-Supplied Hazard Data into the Hazus-MH Flood Model (for ArcGIS 9.3.1/Hazus-MH MR5)

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Web-based Training Event
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Completion of Hazus-MH Overview and Installation and Using Hazus-MH to Assess Losses from a Riverine Flood Hazard or equivalent knowledge is required.

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This course explains the process of defining a riverine flood hazard and performing loss estimations using Hazus-MH. While Hazus-MH offers a wide range of options for defining a flood hazard, this course focuses on the two options that require the least amount of user input: defining a flood hazard based on a return period, and defining a flood hazard based on a stream discharge. These procedures are frequently applied by communities interested in understanding the potential social and economic impacts that might occur as a result of flooding.

Who Should Attend

Hazus-MH users who want to generate a loss estimation based on a flood hazard.

Learn How To

  • Perform an analysis of a flood hazard based on a user-specific return period.
  • Perform an analysis of a flood hazard based on a user-provided stream discharge value.