Integrating User-Supplied Hazard Data into the Hazus-MH Flood Model (for ArcGIS 9.3.1/Hazus-MH MR5)

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The Hazus-MH hurricane wind model provides a method to assess hurricane-related losses and impacts from historic storms as well as user-defined storms. It also can consider the impact of storms based on the probability of occurrence. This course teaches how Hazus-MH can be used to generate building damage estimates, shelter needs, and economic impacts from hurricane wind events. In the course exercises, you will explore hurricane scenarios and review their social and economic impacts.

Who Should Attend

  • Hazus-MH users who want to generate an estimation of social and economic impacts that might be sustained as a result of a hurricane hazard.
  • Community planners, emergency managers, decision makers, academics, and any other person or organization involved with aspects of managing the risks to communities from hurricane events who needs to understand how Hazus-MH can help mitigate those risks.


Learn How To

  • Identify the types of information that Hazus-MH can generate about social and economic impacts from hurricane events.
  • Describe how Hazus-MH can be used to identify and explore the effectiveness of actions that can reduce the loss of life and property sustained as a result of hurricane winds.


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