Hazus-MH Overview and Installation

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This course provides an overview of the capabilities of Hazus-MH, FEMA's loss-estimation tool for earthquake, flood, and hurricane wind hazards. You will learn how to install the Hazus-MH software, define a study region (the area of analysis used by Hazus-MH), and explore the basic types of analysis that Hazus-MH can perform. You will also explore the types of information about the social and economic impacts of natural hazards that Hazus-MH can generate.


Who Should Attend

  • New Hazus-MH users.
  • Organizations or individuals involved with planning how to reduce the losses of life and property that can be caused by flood, earthquake, and hurricane wind hazards.


Learn How To

  • Understand the basic capabilities of Hazus-MH.
  • Install Hazus-MH.
  • Create a Hazus-MH study region.
  • Conduct a basic hazard analysis using Hazus-MH and explore the loss estimations generated by the analysis.
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