Oceans, Climate and Human Health: the cholera paradigm: the first web-based seminar in the series "Blue Marvel – Ocean Mysteries"

Event Organisers: 

NSF-funded Ocean Research Collaboration Network


US National Science Foundation
Group on Earth Observations



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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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In a collaboration of the US National Science Foundation and the Group on Earth Observations, the NSF - funded Ocean Research Collaboration Network is proud to announce the first webinar in the series “Blue Marvel – Ocean Mysteries.”  The series will look at the ocean and its impact on us - from life in the ocean to human life on Earth.   Whether it is food, disease, climate change or recreation, oceans affect us directly or indirectly. But we know little about the oceans. There are parts of the oceans that are more mysterious than the surface of the moon. The series will look at the mysteries and impacts of the ocean - the Blue Marvel - and how research and a broad spectrum of scientists, from engineers to chemists, microbiologists to archaeologists play a role in finding the answers.    The first of these web-based seminars, “Oceans, Climate and Human Health: the cholera paradigm” will be presented by Dr. Rita Colwell on Tuesday the 16 October at 10AM EDT/14:00 UTC. Dr. Colwell was the 11th director of the United States’ National Science Foundation from 1998 to 2004 before becoming Chief Scientist at Canon U.S. Life Sciences. Dr. Colwell is an internationally recognized authority on cholera and infectious diseases and has remarkable understanding of the complex interplay of the “Earth system.” - For more information and access to the webinar, please go to "rcn.iode.org" after September 18.   The webinar series will continue on a monthly basis on the first Tuesday of each month except December with presentations from leaders in ocean exploration and research.
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