Event Organisers: 

ISCRAM (International Community on information systems for crisis response and management

Venue City: 



Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue


22/04/2012 to 25/04/2012

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ISCRAM 2012 welcomes emergency management researchers and practitioners to beautiful Vancouver. You are invited to present research findings and application experiences that address the practical and technical challenges of implementing current Emergency Management Information Systems (EMIS) and the design and evaluation of next-generation analytic EMIS.

The theme for ISCRAM 2012 is: “integrative and analytical approaches to crisis and emergency management information systems.” Integration does not only encompass the seamless interchange of critical and relevant data between technological platforms but also between practitioners at the different stages of emergency management (preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation). Analytic approaches imply the use of sound scientific principles to guide and optimize the development of technology for crisis and emergency management. Both, integration and analytics present practical and technical challenges for scaling-up current crisis response and emergency management information systems.

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