Earth Observation Seminars for the Gulf Cooperative Council Region (GCC)

Event Organisers: 

ESA, VEGA Consulting Services Limited

Venue City: 



Le Meridien Hotel


22/03/2011 to 23/03/2011

Language of event: 



The EO Seminar provides an exciting opportunity for people in the Gulf Co-operative Region to learn more about Earth Observation (EO) data products and services of real relevance to the GCC Region. The GCC Region comprises United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar and has unique characteristics that make this an exciting growth area for EO services.

Over two days a range of leading speakers will present the latest insights on the benefits and practical application of EO services covering Land Use, Environment (including Coastal), Urban Development, Energy, and Security thematic areas.

The presentations would cover following topics:

  • Improved Water Management using Earth Observation
  • Earth observation products and services providing urban development data for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The contribution of EO in the need for effective monitoring of oil spills
  • Marine environment EO-based services
  • Applications of satellite radar inteferometry for ground deformation monitoring in the GCC Region
  • Integrated EO and GI Solutions for Geologic Mapping and Exploration
  • Exploring the Possibilities of Using Earth Observation for the Detection of Illegal Waste
  • How maritime security in the GCC region can benefit from Earth Observation services


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