Data Flow From Space to Earth

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Palazzo Franchetti


21/03/2011 to 23/03/2011

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A huge amount of data is already provided by satellites watching to the Earth and the new services that are going to be implemented, including high accuracy and high reliability positioning and navigation systems, are offering new opportunities. However, a general lack of applications is preventing a full use of the present systems and could prevent the exploitation of future opportunities, also in terms of market development. The poor and still non-standardized inclusion of satellite data into GeoSpatial Systems could be among the reasons of the present difficulties.

On the other hand, European Union is challenged to reach a real interoperability of geographical information data, through the implementation of the INSPIRE directive and the GIS4EU project could be considered an example of this. However, the use of the data provided by satellites (both in GMES and in Galileo and EGNOS) in conjunction with geographical and environmental data collected from the ground has not fully discussed and deepened in all its implications.

This conference would like to start a proper consideration of these issues, starting from the experiences where this kind of problems has been met (and possibly solved), with the possible result to indicate the path for a more wide and general approach that could help Europe in the implementation of its Space and data integration programs.

Conference would be focused on following topics:

  1. EU initiatives, directives and programs for integrated usage of geographical and satellite data.
  2. The role of EU regions and regional end users for exploitation of space data.
  3. Data interoperability, including space information: goals, successes and problems.
  4. Applications, themes and research - new concepts.


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