World Conference on Disaster Management - WCDM2011

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19/06/2011 to 22/06/2011

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WCDM recognizes the many challenges that our unique industry is faced with. It will take progressive minds and collective thoughts to develop innovative strategies that will sustain future infrastructures. WCDM 2011 has injected this forward thinking into our program and is ready to share it with you!

WCDM’s program continued focus is to help break down silos and encourage professionals in all fields of disaster management, in both public and private sectors, to work together. WCDM offers the greatest opportunity to network with peers and colleagues from over 35 countries who share the same challenges and have the same goals. Our international selection of expert presenters from around the world are carefully selected from over 280 to deliver 74 ground-breaking sessions that will leave you inspired when you return to your office. Not only will they help you to learn, they will challenge you to solve problems with innovative solutions and theories and to look into the future to better understand emerging risks and threats.

A major goal of the WCDM is to offer a program that challenges delegates by examining traditional concepts and methods, and provides: new ideas and approaches to problem solving; both leading edge and topical presentations; opportunities to connect with key individuals and organizations across the disaster management spectrum.


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