An International Colloquium Exploring Science & Policy Implications of Earth Observation in New Zealand

Event Organisers: 

European Space Agency in association with Venture Southl

Venue City: 



Lecture Theatre



Language of event: 



This colloquium explores opportunities for New Zealand to more widely use satellite imagery and discuss the benefits that may be derived from improved data and image access. The colloquium will also seek a way forward to access affordable satellite data in near real-time.

Satellite imagery can be used by government and industry. Potential uses include monitoring data to assist with:

  • Kyoto Protocol obligations
  • Forest management (including carbon capture and sequestration
  • Farm management
  • Land and water change
  • Conservation
  • Environmental and pollution monitoring
  • Compliance management
  • Security (including maritime surveillance)
  • Earthquake/flood/avalanche observation
  • Natural disaster monitoring and remediation
  • Fundamental and applied research

There is potential to develop facilities in New Zealand to directly access such data, making it relatively easy, inexpensive and quick to obtain.


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