Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS - Asia Oceania is the“Showcase of New GNSS Era”


21/11/2010 to 22/11/2010


The 2nd Asia Oceania Regional Workshop on GNSS will be held in Melbourne, Australia, 21-22 November 2010, just before the APRSAF meeting, 23-26 November. The workshop is open to all international organisations, government agencies, industries, universities and research institutes which have an interest in multi-GNSS utilisation in the Asia Oceania Region, including precision agriculture, machine guidance/control, disaster mitigation, intelligent transport system (ITS) applications, location based services (LBS), ionospheric and tropospheric observation, multi-GNSS monitoring networks, and others. In response to the outcomes of the 1st GNSS Workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand, in January 2010 , specific plans for multi-GNSS demonstrations of each field will be discussed, and decisions concerning implementation will be made at the 2nd GNSS Workshop, this time will be intensive discussions by four small groups.

Source: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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