The 10th Flood Disaster Risk Management, Bangkok, 11-22 October 2010

Basic Information
11/10/2010 - 25/10/2010

The International Training Course on Flood Disaster Risk Management (FDRM) has been designed to achieve the goal of creating flood resilient society. With rich experiences in providing similar courses for natural disaster mitigation at international level, ADPC provides a model training experience in this course by integrating study materials, case studies, audio visual tools, field visits and interactive learning strategies. The course also presents flood preparedness and mitigation experience from severely affected countries like Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and many other continents such as Africa.

The 10th Flood Disaster Risk Management
Date: 11-22 October 2010
Locatoion: Bangkok, Thailand

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