Building Web Maps Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Training Course


28/04/2010 to 29/04/2010


Date: 28-29 April
Location: Nyon (near Geneva), SWITZERLAND 

GIS professionals are increasingly being asked to create high-performing, modern-looking Web maps to share their authoritative GIS content. This course teaches how to create Web maps that are attractive, fast, and easy to use by their intended audience. In course exercises, you build a lightweight, focused Web map that utilizes internal and external ArcGIS Server Web services. You also learn how to access and configure ESRI sample viewers for rapid Web application development.

This course is designed for GIS analysts and others who want to create attractive, high-performing Web mapping applications to extend the use of GIS data to non-GIS departments within an organization or to the general public via the Internet. No Web development experience is required.

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