Regional Training Course on Incident Command System for Disaster Management


09/08/2010 to 15/08/2010


Location: Phuket, THAILAND
Date: August 9-15, 2010

All emergencies and crisis events are by definition and nature chaotic and highly dynamic, creating physical, emotional, and social disorder. During such moments of emergencies, Incident Command system (ICS) has proven to be an effective mechanism to manage incidents of disarray and confusion and to restore order in a chaotic environment. The ICS is a single standardized emergency management system designed to allow users to adopt an integrated organizational structure equal to the complexity and demands of any size or type of emergency incident. It functions to incorporate and fully utilize all assigned resources and expertise from multiple agencies, and can operate in a multijurisdictional environment. The ICS provides accurate information, strict accountability, planning, and cost effective operations and logistical support for any incident.

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