9th Training Course on Public Health in Complex Emergencies


12/07/2010 to 24/07/2010


 Location: Bangkok, THAILAND
Date: July 12-24, 2010

The Public Health in Complex Emergencies training course (PHCE) focuses on critical public health issues faced by personnel working in complex emergencies. The course was initiated in 2004 with aims to enhance the capacity of humanitarian assistance workers and their organizations to respond to the health needs of refugees and internally displaced persons affected by these emergencies.
Participants of seven (7) successful run course got an opportunity to master key competencies in the sectors, context of emergencies, reproductive health, epidemiology, communicable disease, weapons, violence and trauma, protection and security, psychosocial issues, environmental health and nutrition.

Course curriculum includes:
* Context of complex emergencies
* Context of emergencies reproductive health
* Epidemiology
* Communicable disease
* Psychosocial issues
* Reproductive health
* Environmental health
* Nutrition coordination
* Violence, weapons and trauma
* Protection and security

For more information please visit: http://www.adpc.net/v2007/

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