Symposium GIS Ostrava 2010


25/01/2010 to 27/01/2010


GIS Ostrava 2010

GIS meets Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry towards Digital World

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava campus, the New Hall building, Ostrava, Czech Republic


The Symposium incorporates two session threads, the Research session held in English language and the Application session held in Czech and Slovak language.

Research session:
* Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry of Land Use and Land Cover, Imaging Spectroscopy, Interferometry (Assoc. Prof. Lena HALOUNOVA)
* Spatial Analyses and Modelling in GIS (Assoc. Prof. Tomas HLASNY)
* Digital Elevation Models (Assoc. Prof. Jaromir KOLEJKA)
* Linking GIS and Hydrological Modelling (Dr. Jan UNUCKA)
* Visualisation (Prof. Vit VOZENILEK)
* Ontology and Semantic Web, Conceptual Modelling in GIS (Dipl. Eng. Otakar CERBA)
* Open GIS, Open Source GIS (Prof. Ales CEPEK)
* GeoWeb, Web Services (Dr. Jan RUZICKA)
* Mobile GIT and Telematics, GNSS, GPS, Location Based Services (Dr. Petr KUBICEK)
* Spatial Data Infrastructure (Assoc. Prof. Branislav NIZNANSKY)
* Disaster and Risk Management (Dr. Petr KUBICEK)

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