Earthquake in Malawi


Sun, 06/12/2009

Two days of sizable earth tremors were experienced from the evening of 6 December 2009 in the Karonga district in northern Malawi. The tremors, with a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale, caused over eight earth tremors during the first day, affecting approximately 3,000 households and the patients at the Karonga district hospital. Although verification is incomplete, 1,929 affected cases have already been confirmed. Major damage has been triggered by the collapse of walls, rendering houses completely uninhabitable. According to reports received from the Karonga District Assembly, 15 people were injured, nine of whom have been hospitalised. The death of a year-old child, who died of serious injuries after a wall fell on him during the morning of 8 December 2009, has also been reported.


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