Tropical Cyclone in Philippines


Sat, 26/09/2009

Typhoon Ketsana hit the main island of Luzon on Sept. 26, with the resulting floods affecting tens of thousands of people and forcing the Philippines to appeal for international aid.

By Sept. 28, about 150,000 had been displaced by the flash floods and the death toll had soared to 140. Officials expected the toll to rise with people looking for missing relatives and residents trapped in flooded houses two days after the typhoon dumped about 410 mm of rain in 24 hours - about the average amount of rainfall for an entire month.

Officials said the economic damage from the worst rains on record in the Manila area was about 1.4 billion pesos ($30 million), including 500 million pesos in lost crops. Damaged roads and bridges accounted for most of the remaining costs.

Source: Reuters AlertNet

At least 54 people were killed as tropical storm Ketsana battered a wide area in the Philippines.

Source : Glide number

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