Tropical Cyclone in China P.Rep.


China P.Rep.
Tue, 11/08/2009

5 provinces in the southeast mainland China have been hit by Typhoon Morakot. As of August 11, Typhoon Morakot had killed 8 people on the Chinese mainland, forced some 1.57 million people to be relocated and damaged over 10,000 houses, caused direct economic losses 9.72 billion yuan (CHF 1.5 billion)

Source : Glide number

Typhoon Morakot hit the coast of South Taiwan on 5 August 2009, as a major Category 4 storm. The thyphoon moved on to China, during the weekend, and up to 1 million people have been evacuated along the east coast.

Source : Charter  for "Space and Major Disasters"

Ressources from OCHA/Reliefweb, click here

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