Recent Developments in Emergency Telecommunications


Recent Developments in the telecommunication technology offer a number of additional tools not only for the providers
of emergency and disaster response, but may also facilitate early warning. Their application depends, however, on the
regulatory framework governing telecommunications and on their appropriateness for the specific requirements in the
pre-, peri- and post- impact phases of an event. Telecommunications are a key element for to the success of emergency
preparedness and response, and the application of all available technologies and networks saves lives. The recent events
in the Indian Ocean Region will have to be the subject of detailed analysis and evaluation of all existing mechanisms,
hopefully leading to improvements in the organizational and operational field. First information available already in the
immediate aftermath of the events of 26 December 2004 has been applied to the considerations in the present paper.

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Hans Zimmermann
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Hans Zimmermann. Proceedings of the 2nd International ISCRAM Conference (B. Van de Walle and B. Carlé, eds.), Brussels, Belgium, April 2005. Recent Developments in Emergency Telecommunications.