New on the Knowledge Portal: Links and Resources

It is UN-SPIDER’s mandate to enable all countries to access and use space-based information for disaster management and disaster risk reduction. The team has therefore launched a new section on the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal which contains a database on freely available, archived satellite imagery and derived products.

The new section also hosts a database on available GIS and Remote Sensing software, both freely available and paid. Users can search both databases by relevant criteria, such as hazard, file type, resolution, cost, data format, etc. Since tools and data need to be complemented with methods to effectively use spacebased information, “Links and Resources” also contains an overview of training opportunities, including academic training courses and web-based training courses.

All databases are continously being amended and updated. If you have any suggestions or comments on datesets, software or training courses, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact buttons or by email (un-spider [at] (subject: Links%20and%20Resources) ).

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