GlobTemperature project: One stop shop for surface temperature data

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched a new project to provide scientists with a one-stop shop for land, lake and ice temperature data - measured by satellites. The GlobTemperature project was launched under the Data User Element Programme and will merge surface temperature data from a variety of satellites into a common format which will be made available in a single online archive.

ESA reported: "The data will come from instruments including SEVIRI on Europe’s MSG mission, AVHRR and IASI on MetOp, as well as American and Japanese instruments and from the upcoming Sentinel-3 mission. Archived data from the (A)ATSR instruments flown on the ERS and Envisat missions will also be included.

The new, global datasets developed under GlobTemperature will provide a more complete representation of day and night temperatures, including estimates of clear-sky versus cloudy sky biases."